Image Management Tool: Size Limit?

I’m trying to upload images from a local folder into the image manager, and it is taking longer and longer for them to load. Now I can’t even open the file I loaded them into, it just locks up. Does the image manager have any limits? If I use one of the images inside the folder by using its path, it loads into a component just fine. I just can’t open the folder in the management tool to view or add to it.


There’s no explicit size limit, but images are stored inside the internal DB, in a single (possibly unindexed, I’d have to check) table. Also, on 7.9, you’re fighting with project resources and project changes inside the same IDB. If you get in contact with support (or are reasonably comfortable on the command line) you can use the sqlite tools ( to run an info dump on your config.idb to see what is taking up the most space inside the file.

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It was perfectly fine until I started adding pictures to a new folder. I have added about 4,000 photos at an average of 30kb each.

Are they in a flat structure, or deeply nested in folders? You could try manually adding an index to the table; something like:
CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_image_path ON images (path)

I’ve got sqlite3 running, but I don’t understand how to connect to Ignition internal db. I ran .databases command and it returned main:

In command/terminal/etc, you should just run sqlite3 path/to/config.idb or sqlite3.exe path\to\config.idb if Windows. Do not do it while your gateway is running!

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