Image on selection in perspective table

I followed the instruction in There seems to be one thing missing: there is no instruction to set the subview parameters at rows.subview.viewParams in the table.

I set them to use[0] That seems to work, except when you click the expansion arrow it doesn’t set the selection. So if you don’t click on the row before you click on its expansion arrow, it shows the map from the previous (which is still the current) row selection.

Did I miss something in the instructions? Or is there something else that tells what the row contents are on the expanded row instead of the selected row?


You’re right, and conveniently enough, you don’t need to.

The tooltip on the rows.subview.viewParams property alludes to “implicit params”. Each row in the table is implicitly passing information about the row to the subview. There’s a couple of different built-in things like row count and values for each column.

So if you configure the view params on the to-be subview exactly like you see in step 6d of the “Create a View for Displaying the Map” section (an object named “value”, with values that have keys matching the names on the columns you want to pass to the subview), the table will automatically pass the contents of the named keys to the subview as view params.


OK, I gotcha. I didn’t have the input parameters set up as object named key instead of value. It works fine once I fixed that. Thanks!


Thanks Paul. I found that to be unclear in the documentation as well.