Image path in the tabstrip component

in 7.6.1,
image path in the tabstrip component is simple imagename.png for an image loaded in the root of the image manager ?
I fill SELECTED_IMAGE_PATH and UNSELECTED_IMAGE_PATH but no image is displayed ???

You should use the Tab Strip Customizer to edit the image path. Right click on the tab strip you’re trying to edit. Then, click on Customizers and select Tab Strip Customizer. For example, if you want show an image on a tab when the tab is selected, select the tab and click Edit Tab Icon button on the bottom of the When Selected panel of the Tab Strip Customizer right above the Apply To All button. Then, select the button with the icon of the folder with a magnifying glass on it. That will take you to the Image Browser dialog. Select the Upload New Image button on the Image Browser. Once you’ve chosen an image, you must click on the Edit Tab Icon button again and click okay to see the change. To commit the change, press the okay button on the bottom of the Tab Strip Customizer.

Thanks ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, is there a way to access that icon and change the image path based on conditions? Thanks!