Image popup help in Module Marketplace

(Ahhh, I just figured out the problem as I was typing up this post. I’ll finish the post just in case you decide to add some of these features.)

I was unable to hide an image popup screenshot in the Module Marketplace:

Go to the Module Marketplace:
Click “Most Recent” tab
Click “View Details” for “Ignition Instrument Interface Module” (should still be there as of today, may need to scroll down)
Find Screenshots and click the image (may have to scroll down)

NOTICE the image pops up but there is no visible CLOSE button. Clicking all over the image does not make it disappear. You also cannot click the left or right of the image to go to the previous or next image.

IMPORTANT: To hide the image click AWAY from the image in the shaded region.

EXPECTED a tiny X in the upper right corner which is used to reduce the image. It would be nice if the left and right side of the image allowed you to scroll through the list of all possible images available.

That’s just my 0.16 bits.


Thanks, I’ve passed this on to the web team.

There is now an X in the bottom right corner.