Image Refreshing from Camera

Good morning Team,

In our current system we have cognex scanners that scan our case labels. Our engineers have set up our Twenty cameras and they are setup to save images named ‘camera name’.png in the folder //cfcignition3/CognexCameraImages. These images are captured every 3-5 seconds and the image overwrites with each new image.

They also set these up in ignition as an image pulling from that file into our ignition site.

I have created a view to display the images like shown below. My only issue is that these images need to refresh every 5 seconds. Right now when you open the view it displays the last image captured.

Any ideas on how to refresh the image?

Don't overwrite. Create unique file names and delete the old ones. Update a gateway string tag with the latest name. Include the tag in an expression that produces the URL.

Thank you so much for responding. Could you provide an example on how to create this?

I believe i can get a unique name with the scanner name/date/time.

Create a string memory tag per camera, perhaps [default]Camera1/Latest. Arrange for your file monitoring process to update that tag with the new name whenever it sees a new file for that camera. Then your image display's URL property would have an expression binding like so:

concat("", {[default]Camera1/Latest})

Adjust that expression to use a custom property with indirection as appropriate.

Whenever the tag changes to a new file name, the image viewer will re-evaluate its expression, and load the new image.

{It's best if the image file names have no spaces or characters that are trouble in URLs.}