Images from the Ignition don't show at some clients

Hi, I write to you to consult about, what can be the reason to make images from Ignition server don’t show at a client computer, talking about the aplicattion from Ignition, I will like to know, if the reasons can be that this aplicattion is shared by an intranet network and maybe it has some configurations like firewalls, permissions, that limit the complete development of the aplicattion causing, that the pictures configured at the project of Ignitions don’t show.
When I lunch the project at the same server where is the ignition gateway running the pictures show correctly.

I will like your opinion about this situation, and what can I do to put a solution on this problem. :neutral_face:
Please help me!!

Thanks and Regards


Can you give us an example of this? How are the images being displayed, what kind of component is being used? Maybe you can put some screen shots up to show us.

Hi, I will attach 2 images about two different clients from the same server both , the first image(image at top to the right) don’t have problems it shows everything images, etc. This client is connected by ip from the Industrial Network (no firewalls, no antivirus, no control, etc) the second image (image at top to the right, the same image lo go from feproms)has the problem that I explained to you, doesn’t show this picture, and others, yes they are ok, this cliente is connected by ip from the corporative network, to explain better this is the network of the company( there are firewalls, permissions, antivirus, etc)

I suspect that security doesn’t let to show completely this images, but I am not sure, i can’t give a good explanation of this.

if you can explain me, why this situation happens, and what can i do to solve this, I will appreciate it.

Best Regards

Image 1 Industrial Network

Image2 Corporative Network

Huh, It’s just that one FEPROM image huh?

Is there something different about that image? Maybe it wasn’t uploaded to the gateway like the others were? You’d need to look at how it is configured in the designer.