Images Rotated in Reporting Module

I have an issue where some images in the reporting module are oriented incorrectly.

I have an image upload component that saves images to SQL and a report that will retrieve these images. The preview in Windows and well as my perspective component show all images in one orientation but the reporting module flips them. I don't know much about how JPEG's handle rotation but I am guessing there is some metadata within the photo that dictates what orientation the image is. Can I make the reporting module respect the orientation that Windows and the perspective image component is showing?

(Or can I at least have the perspective image component show what the orientation will be in the reporting module so the user can rotate before he submits the images?)

Image Preview in windows for upload

Images preview in Perspective component. These pull from BLOB in SQL via WebDev

The generated report from the reporting module

I attached the exact images I am using. (103.3 KB)