Impact of UDT usage on performance


I'm looking to utilize UDT's for implementing alot of Valves, Motors, Analog sensors,....

Lets say we have a UDT of the following structure:
Motor Struct

  • Cmd Struct
    • Fwd Bool
    • Rev Bool
  • Status Struct
    • Standstill Bool
    • Forward Bool
    • Backward Bool

The way I look at it currently with some research on the forums and the web you have the following options:
You make an udt with the full UDT subscribed and save this in a Meta data Tag named Source and some parameters with the OPC Path looking like this:

Then you make the struct of the UDT like you have in the PLC and get each value from the JSON in derived tags with

  • Source Tag Path: [.]../../Meta/Source
  • Read Expression: JsonGet({Source},"Cmd.Manual."+{TagName})
  • JsonSet({Source},"Cmd.Manual."+{TagName},{Value})

The other possibility is just making the structure and adding the OPC path to each component.
This makes a subscription per member of the UDT -> Not optimal for big UDT's?

I'm currently testing the first option but I can't seem to be able to get the tags out of the Leased state when there are no views or clients open.

So my questions are these:

  • Is it possible the setup with JSON read and write interferes with the Leased setting of Tag Group?
  • What would the most optimal way be to config the UDT's with JSON or OPC UA directly for each member of UDT?
  • When making template views in perspective i'm currently using path binding as it seems more optimized for big amounts of templates in a view, is this correct?
  • Do you need to watch out for limits with the Tagproviders and Tag groups? Should you make a new one per x Tags?

I have indeed found the answer that using derivative tags to read a document tag will make it impossible to use leased tag groups.
Any other additions would be appreciated

read this post

is not possible to use derivative tags to read a document and use leased tag group, because each derived tag request information to document tag , and is the same like it's showed in a page.

I'm in testing another tag group but driven, and request tag only with a bit (for me it's a cycle.started)

i use this group in document tag and all tag connected to this cycle.
When bit is on , refresh is 1500ms, when is off refresh 3000ms

Tell me if is useful for you.

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