Implement bidirectional cross-filtering in perspective

I’d like to create some dahaboard pages in perspective like power BI which has bidirectional cross-filtering.

This means each time user click on a pie/bar chart data item, base on the selected item on that chart, the data is filtered for other tables and charts and vice versa.

Unlike table component which has a event component for selected cell, the bar chart (XY chart) and pie chart doesn’t have any sort of event to detect which item is clicked by user.

Using component general mouse click event that read user mouse X Y coordinate to determine which item user click, is not working because the items move and replace base on the dataset and responsive nature if chart.

Thanks for any idea or workaround for this problem.

Which item is clicked? you could use the labels for that instead of the values?
also there are a lot of xy values in those events, im sure you could make it responsive with a bit of math

The data is change in each query and vary its place especially for pie chart. It is impossible to get its location dynamically without any sort of event.

nah im sure its possible. Events ofc would be easier tho

Can you show a simple view to see how to do that?

Not right now, maybe next week

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This feature is added in last nightly. Thank you, IA dev team, for the very quick response.

248: XYChart and Pie Chart: adding a selected items
A new property “selection” has been added to the XY Chart and the Pie Chart components. When enabled, the selection property allows the user to select specific slices, bullets, or columns on their respective chart that is reflected in the read-only sub property.