Implement Python Libraries

So I have read over the SDK programmers guide, excellent by the way, and the question I have is how can I get a python library that is not included in the core of python into Ignition for use in scripting in the designer?

i.e. - I have library opencv that supports python and contains wrappers for c++, I also have a python library - numpy in which I would like to have access to.

Where could I turn for information on how to complete this process?

Thanks for any help.

I’ve got bad news for you on two fronts:

  1. It’s not really possible to add 3rd party Python libraries right now, though I think for 7.7 we’re going to make that possible via the module SDK or to really savvy users… I’d have to get back and verify that though.


  1. Even if it were possible, OpenCV and Numpy won’t be possible to bring in because they have large native/C-based components, which just doesn’t work in Jython.