Implementatio a DB browse tree in Easy Chart

I don’t know how to create a DB browse tree in a component Easy Chart.

I created a Tag browse tree and implementation it in a Easy chart with Tags configured in History mode but I have not a Tag Historian module to do this.

I have a SQL Bridge module and I would to create a equal effect with a variables read in DB.

In this mode I can added or remove a variabiles inside the Easy Chart with a simple dragging from Tag Browes DB to Easy Chart.

I attached an Example. ([attachment=0]Example.png[/attachment])
It is possible?
Who helps me?

Yes, this is possible. I’ve done it for a customer, with three critical steps:
[ul][li]Create a special documentation entry in each tag identifying the data source, table, etc., that the pen will need.[/li][li]Create a filter for the tag browse tree that will only show tags that have the special documentation entry, and[/li][li]Create a special tag drop handler on the easy chart to construct the pens dataset from the special documentation.[/li][/ul]If IA ever gets around to supporting custom properties on tags, I’ll rewrite it to use them instead of a special doc string.

Is it possible obtain an example?

I would have to spend some time stripping out my customer’s branding – when I get some time. /-:

OK. thanks you very much for your contribution.
Now I try to make further attempts but if I fail again I await your example. :prayer: