Implementation of easy chart without use of historian tag or sql bridge ignition

Hi. I'm trying to do a trend with Easy chart at Vision but I dont have access to use the SQL bridge and Tag Historian Modules. There is some way to graph without these modules?
Also I have reporting module license and I need to know if SQL bridge and Tag Historian Modules are necessary.
Thanks for your helpfull.

You can use database and calculated pens on the easy chart without a historian license; your DB table will just have to be in a fairly straightforward format to be interpreted correctly by the component. For more control, you can "roll your own" easy chart using the 'classic' chart component and your own date range component. Then you can use whatever means (scripting, expressions, etc) to generate the datasets to back your charts.

SQL Bridge and Tag Historian are not required for charts in Reporting. Tag history queries won't work from reporting without the module, but you are still able to issue basic SQL queries.

SQL Bridge, despite the somewhat misleading name, only provides (and/or restricts) the use of transaction groups. All other SQL functionality is in the base platform (named queries, the system.db scripting functions, etc). Limitations apply on Edge.

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As Paul notes, EasyChart can use "DB pens" to plot from generic SQL tables.

The other half of the equation is storing tag values into your DB. With neither the Tag History module nor SQL Bridge module, you will need to script the storage of data. Tag events and timer events are the typical entry points.

Thanks for your help. I am looking for information about it in forums to be able to implement the solution that you indicate. I have a question when you refer to the simple arrangement in the Database for reading the tags in Ignition. Is there a document where I can consult on the subject?

There's not much in the forums, and I know of no document, where trending is done entirely with DB pens on an EasyChart and all DB inserts are manual.

You will need to learn how to use the system.tag.*, system.db.*, and possibly system.opc.* scripting functions to replace what the modules do.

Is it necessary to purchase the SQL Bridge module if I have a Tag Historian?
I say this because when enabling the historical mode of a tag, it asks me to refer to a storage base. That being the case, wouldn't the SQL bridge be included?

No, you do not need SQL bridge to use the Tag Historian.

SQL Bridge is for Transaction Groups.

You will need to configure a Historical Provider in your Gateway. Generally, if you add a Database connection, it will be automatically added as a Historical Provider for you.