Implementation question

I want to open a popup task list in the browser when a user opens a certain page.
I want to populate this popup page the names of the pages they have looked at recently.
Are these two things something I can do for users, and how?

I have a more advanced intent, but I want to get these simple things in place first.

When a user presses a link, can I get the IP in Ignition, then add a row to a table like:

tstamp, IP , Name of page checked
Then just have my popup show the last hour of that?

Store them in a session custom property. Shouldn't be too hard.
Though if a user disconnects then comes back, that history will be lost.
If you want to retain info from one log in to the next, you'll need to store these things in a database.

What's the end goal ?

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Do you want a browsing history for pages? I think there are some matters. How about the embedded pages and popup pages? Do you want to log them? And the params, for example, the user opened a communal device control page, and do you want to log the device ID? What about the user switched to another device, how to show that in the history list?
I think you need to store all this information in a database manually, page by page, link by link.
The popup page with the table which you want should be easy. So yes, what's the end goal? :laughing:

To manipulate people into doing tasks through psychology via the UX showing uncompleted tasks and lists of those tasks.

@nideyijuyidong Getting the IP and their actions into a DB, then running queries against a table of what to show them.

You can get IP like this. But their actions, I can't think of a way to do it other than manually add logging functionality to all click events.