Implementing a 3rd teir tab navigation using an existing 2 tier

I am having difficulties in implementing a 3rd tier tab navigation for a project. The idea is to select an specific focus > plant > department. Selecting a focus will default to the first tab options for Plant(2nd tier) and department tabs(3rd tier) I didn’t see an example of this kind of setup in the Ignition manual.
I uploaded a back up of the navigation screen.

KPI_03_Navigation_2018-12-12_1130.proj (25.5 KB)

In my opinion, working like this, can be very complicated. I’ve done a project with three “navigation” either and if I am in you I’ll manage it like this:

  • One docked window ( LEFT ) with all of your Plant

  • Multiple docked windows ( TOP ) for each of your Department

  • The Main window contain 4 big buttons ( with some description and other descriptive stuff ). The big buttons are your “focus” so, SAFETY, QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, SERVICE.

Check the picture :wink:

The project function like this:
-Client starts and the HOME page is called
-The user select a focus
-The LEFT MENU and the desired TOP MENU appears
-Inside the TOP MENU there will be a buttons for every department
-If the user want to select another focus, he/she just have to press the home / main button and the HOME page will be displayed again.

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