Import and use POI Java

hi, how can i import and use POI library to work with excel files ?

Since you’re asking in 3rd party modules, I assume you want to do this as part of a module you’re writing, as opposed to doing this in a script. You would add the dependency like any other dependency – you can copy/paste from Maven Central.

If you will ever be using the reporting module with your module, please note that module uses version 3.14 of Apache POI. Using another version in your module could cause conflicts.

Actually I set the wrong category :sweat_smile: ( now is set correctly )
What I wish to achive is to import the POI library inside Igniton and use it for a script inside a button.
I tried to import it inside C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\lib\core\gateway but with no success.
Can you help me out?

Consider using one of the existing modules that embed the Apache POI libraries, like Kymera’s Office Document Module.

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