Import API Library

Hello, I have faced some problem regarding import API library into Ignition Edge. I have an API which is the code is wrote in C and wrapped using Python. My problem is the Ignition Edge give an error when I executed the API. Is there is any way to make the Ignition Edge able to read the API library. :pray:

Probably not. igntion uses Jython

Because Ignition’s Python interpreter is Jython, that means unlike CPython, Java libraries are accessible. It also means C libraries aren’t accessible.

Libraries written in pure Python are generally available in Jython. Since the majority of the most popular Python libraries do require C libraries, the selection of Python libraries that can be used in Ignition directly is fairly limited. For example, numpi, scipi, pandas, and scikit-learn are all unavailable. However, libraries intended for the web and other less data-intensive applications sometimes work. Requests is a good example of a versatile REST library that you can import into Ignition.


Which meant ignition only accepted Jython and there is no other way to synchronize between the API with ignition?

You wont be able to import anything using C because ignition uses the Jython interpreter.


Alright, I understood. thanks for your advices. :man_bowing:

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maybe there is a way to load your c to java instead, but no idea if that would help. And might require installing it as a module

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