Import 'backup' from program

Is it possible to install a back up in the program screens itself rather then having to go into the ‘back end’

Scenario; I make an update of the program, I can send a USB stick / email to a remote site. They can plug in the USB stick, Log in as admin/engineer etc and select update/install. Im using a shell to start ignition so they will have no access to internet explorer to get to the ‘back end’


The Gateway Control Util can be launched from the command line on windows and linux and has the capability to restore a backup - look for gwcmd.bat and in the installation directory… There’s no way to initiate a restore from a running client or designer.


Is this something that can be requested (import from within a client)? It just makes it easier for the end user (who normally has no IT skills) to update the client.

I’ll inquire as to whether or not this would even be possible to add as a feature but I have a strong feeling that the answer will be no. There are several things happening when the restore takes place that would make this difficult. First the gateway backup would have to be sent from the client to the server and then stored. Second, the Ignition gateway service on the server would then have to be signaled somehow telling it to restart itself. Even if possible I don’t think you’d want give any running client to the ability to restart the Ignition service. Sounds potentially dangerous.