Import csv in perspective with file path?

So I know you can use the file upload component to import csvs and have that set up and working
but that method we would need a person to manually put the csvs into the component.

What I am really looking for is for a way to put a filepath in the script and then it grabs the csv from that filepath from my mapped network drive of N:

is this possible in perspective? I was trying to use system.file.openfile but i couldnt get it to work

Not from the client side, no. A key point of browser security is to prevent that kind of information leak.

If the file can be reached via a UNC path from the gateway's background service, it could be scripted.

it should be able to access it since the gateway got mapped to that network I think?

maybe my issue is im using the other path type instead of unc

Did you follow the instructions for mapping a drive for the gateway to use? (A user mapping a drive on that server's desktop doesn't make that drive usable by the gateway.) If the gateway service is using a user account that has network privileges, UNC paths should work (no drive letter).