Import csv tags: Error importing tags: ¿Designer.Messages.InvalidTagName?

I’m using 8.1.7. I’m trying to import tags from a CSV file. I created the file from the example in the documentation. I’ve gotten rid of special characters in the tag names, none of them start with a number, some do end with an underscore (but I think that’s allowed). I’m getting an error on import: Tag errors occurred during tag import Error_Exception(“Error importing tags: ¿Designer.Messages.InvalidTagName?”)

Any help would be appreciated.

Can you share the file you’re trying to import?

I see the flagged posts, let me see if these came through without the formatting getting modified.


It did not come through intact… do you have a Drop Box or something you can upload to?

Looks like a lot (all?) of your tags start with a space.

Such a simple mistake. How did I overlook that? Thank you!