Import Data from Excel Spreadsheet to XML table

I exported my SQLTag file to XML so that I could edit multiple alarm tags at one time.

However, I have hundreds of alarm tags that I need to update the ‘notes’ section of. Is there a way I can take the data from my excel spreadsheet that already has the new ‘notes’ dialog into my XML file?

I could go through and do this manually (copy and paste into each one) but I have hundreds, if not thousands, that I would need to change.


You could go the copy paste route. You could possibly use something like Sublime Text 2 and do a “Find All” “Replace All” to make this easier.

I would make a csv file that has a column for tagpaths and a column with the notes data, if you already have that in your excel spreadsheet. you could then import that into a table in your database and use a script to write to the notes section of each tag that you have in your list.

here is an example of writing to the notes part of a tag.

note = "test"

If you need more help let me know.