Import equivalent of system.dataset.exportCSV?

Is there a way to Import a .CSV file into a dataset? I would like to use the exportCSV script, modify my dataset in Excel, then import the updated .CSV file into a dataset.


Yes, you can! You can use the system.dataset.fromCSV function to pull in a CSV with something like this:path = system.file.openFile("csv") if path != None: csv = system.file.readFileAsString(path) event.source.parent.getComponent('Table').data = system.dataset.fromCSV(csv)The only issue with that is it expects a certain format as a header."#NAMES" "Index","Name","Value" "#TYPES" "I","str","D" "#ROWS","4" "81","Test Row 4","83.01864192210952" "54","Test Row 4","95.4011884590994" "68","Test Row 16","60.654079821521954" "65","Test Row 2","53.594277189481744"Otherwise, you can use the system.file.readFileAsString() directly to get the text of a CSV and parse through it into a dataset however you’d like.