Import error: No module named project

A single client raises the import error on client start up. I have a client start up script using a function from a project library, however it seems to be missing on one client. This is the startup script that fails

import project # Was just a tiny hope it would help
from project.core.smartcardio import CreateDefaultProxCardReader

# Start the prox card reader in its own background thrad.

The script currently fails in line 1 at the first import.

Any ideas anyone?

Hmm, changing the publish mode from manual to auto solves the issue. If changed back to manual the problem starts again.

Don’t do this. Don’t import anything from shared.* or project.*. Your startup script should be one line:


See this for more explanation:

It was originally, those two imports was just a try to resolve the issue.
And they are not there anymore. The error persists if the publish mode is in manual.

Please show the failure details. And anything ahead of it in the console log.