Import export client/gateway event scripts

I know we can do this within Script Modules, but can we do this for Event Scripts?

Unfortunately, no you cannot import/export event scripts. You would have to copy/paste right now.

Is this still the case? Any possibility of getting some import/export functionality developed?

I don’t think anything has changed in the UI, but in 8.x they are all split apart on the filesystem now, which is at least a little better.

edit: err, script modules are, gateway events are still in a blob resource.

Thanks Kevin,

Damn I’m interested in Gateway and Client event scripts at the moment (tag change, timer).
That’s fine, its just a bit of a copy/paste exercise. Shouldn’t take that long.
I just try to avoid such tasks if i can help it!


We’re hoping to split these into true separate resources (also human-readable on disk) and improve the UI in 8.2.


I’ve been copying and pasting for so long I don’t know if I can do it another way. :wink: