Import/export memory tag

I don’t know if any one agrees with me, but I think there should be an option for ignoring overriding values for memory tags when importing a bunch of tags. The reason is that in situations where I send tags from the dev instance to prod instance, the memory tag values are usually different between the two and I do not wish to override values in the prod instance. Currently I don’t know of any convenient ways to do this.

What changes are you making to the tags in the dev environment?
You could probably use system.tag.configure to script your changes instead of exporting/importing.

yeah, I can probably use that. But I am looking for a more convenience way.

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I don’t see one, everything i tested changed the tag values.

what I did was exporting the tags into a JSON file and programmatically remove all key-value pairs with the “value” key. then import the file back using merge policy.

That worked? When i tried that i got null for value.

Actually you are right, that does work.