Import from CSV or Excel

Hi All,

First post on here, we have just starting using Ignition and have a project were we are trying to import work order information (SKU, WO number, QTY etc) via a CSV file or ideally an excel file (obviously CSV is easier).

Has anyone had experience with this? If so do we need a specific module in Ignition in order to do it?

Any advice / help would be much appreciated.


You might take a look at system.dataset.fromCSV. You don’t need a special module for that, although you may need modules (at least Vision) to do something interesting once you have the data imported.

You can also use Python’s csv module:

import csv reader = csv.reader(open("some.csv", "rb")) for row in reader: print row

Thank you for your responses, much appreciated, I will look into this further. :smiley:

How can we create a dataset using the csv.reader function ?

You can create a dataset with the system.dataset.toDataSet() function.

See info in the user manual here:

You would have to create a row of string headers as a list then rows of data. The example in the documentation is a good starting point.