Import json tags generating out of bounds for length

I want to use the interactive tag import function because I find it really cool.
But I've come across an error that I don't understand and I'd like to know if any of you can help me out.

Here are the elements:

First test: Import the tagD1.json file => Perfect !
tagD1.json (1.0 KB)

Second test: Import the tagD2.json
tagD2.json (1.0 KB)

Get the error

The 6 depends on where I'm trying to create the tags. If I try to create folder on the root, I will get the same error but with Index 5 instead of 6:

I thought that it may coming from a too long property on the tag definition but I do not see. It's propably something on the json file that it generated by an external tool but I do not see the issue....


You may find this of interest.

Thx Jordan,
But tagD1.json was imported properly even with {é} and {-} on tagName

So ...

At the end, effectively, the issue was on the name of the folder that contains a . on G.E

Thanks Jordan for this orientation... I did not deeply dig about it enough.

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You may also want to consider trimming/commonizing folder and tag names. A lot of terms are getting repeated. It's okay for the documentation properties, but the full tag paths stretch off into the horizon. :wink:

An example may be:
Armoire test/TGBT2/Tension Arrivée/QPT-IS1/Position
Armoire test/TGBT2/Tension Arrivée/QPT-IS1/Defaut

Thanks but I don't really understand what you mean...

You suggest to me to not use Tree organisation but better using long name with /, isn't it?


Tree organization is fine. I'm suggesting that extending the tree may help better group your tags.

Armoire test
    └ TGBT2
		└ Tension Arrivée
			└ QPT-IS1
				├ Position
				└ Defaut
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I don't think '/' is a valid character in tag names.
He's suggesting reorganizing your tree so that things are logically grouped.

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