Import OPC Metadata to SQLTags

I meticulously populated a new project OPC server (KEP) with tag scaling, descriptions (Documentation), Eng Units, Access Mode (RO/RW), and Clamp Mode data. This represents a ton of work (1800+ tags) done in a spreadsheet that I expected to do only once, so it was worth it.

On to creating SQLTags using the OPC browser drag and drop method. Since the OPC server already scales the tags, I didn’t care that Ignition did not import scaling metadata. I cared GREATLY that it did not pick up any of the other metadata listed above during the procedure. The only recourse is another protracted round of spreadsheet import/export??? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Right, we don’t import those settings from Kepware upon creating tags. However, you can export the tags to CSV, change them up and import them into SQLTags.

Easier said than done. The exported Ignition tags are in no particular order. In the original Kep spreadsheet I had them in register order which is no longer a part of the SQLTag definition… No sure way to guarantee row alignment.

It may be easier to go the other way around and convert your Kepware CSV into a SQLTags file than trying to modify the SQLTags file.

If you post your Kepware file, perhaps we (or one of our script-happy readers) could help you out.

I definitely understand your frustration, but here’s the problem on our side: this has simply never been requested :neutral_face: But not to fear, I think we can probably help you out.


Can’t expose tag list to public- It’s for a government project… I do appreciate your desire to support this functionality, and am astounded that nobody asked for it before. It just makes sense to me from a top-down design approach.

I am making slow and steady progress cutting and pasting spreadsheet data today to “Get 'er Done”.

I believe and tend to agree that metada defined at the controler level shoud be passed with the OPC Tag, this would realy be a big plus, saving a lot of timeand documentation efforts.

This brings in my next question; how can the metdata list of values for engineering units be extended? The available ones are few, the most importan one is missing %.
Then we need all the time units, minutes, hours, etc.