Import Partial From 7.8 to 8.0.5

I am trying to Import One of the vision folder on 7.8 to 8.0.5. I have tried both .proj and compressed zip but nothing seems to work.
In compressed zip version, I get the Import Dialog pop-up but without any windows listed as below -

You might just have to move the project to a development machine and upgrade the whole thing to 8.0.5.

After that, just export the resources you want to move to the production environment.

Upgrading from the ‘legacy’ resource format (.proj files) to the current format isn’t possible piecemeal. Putting a .proj into a .zip isn’t sufficient; they use totally different mechanisms to both encode and enumerate the resources. Just import the entire project (either on your same gateway, or a new gateway as @brandon1 suggests) and then either export a partial collection of resources as a .zip, or the entire project and then import a selection.

This means there is not forward or backward compatibility other than importing and exporting which would only work in the case of going from older to newer.
Correct ?

Ignition 8 absolutely is backwards compatible - you can certainly use resources from 7.9, 7.7, or even older Ignition versions. If you upgrade your Ignition gateway, your resources will be automatically upgraded; or, you can export and import them freely, as long as you go to the same version or higher. I’m not sure what else backwards compatibility would mean?

No Ignition version has ever claimed to be forwards compatible; which would imply that a resource created in version X would be guaranteed to work in version X-1; i.e., resources from 8 would work in 7.9. That’s never been a goal or something we’ve worked towards, because it’s far too restrictive.

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@PGriffith, Yes, That is one thing why I LOVE ignition, because of the ability to not think twice before upgrading the gateway from older to a new version. What I meant is, for the small tasks such as one I mentioned, what is worth ? exporting the whole project, copying the resource I need and then deleting the rest or just being able to export the resource I need from an older version.