Import project files from v7 into v8?

There doesn’t seem to be an import option anymore from the right click menu on the project to import project resources from a “proj” or now in v8 a zip. Is the only option to import proj project backups now to convert the whole gateway backup?
And similarly, is the import of v8 project resources a matter of opening up the zip and copying the relevant files into the right projects directory?

I found you can import partial backups of a project into v8. For example, I simply exported 2 reports from a v7 project to a proj file and imported this as a new project via the web portal. Now I can copy and paste these into my real project and then delete it.

@nminchin, it’s under File > Import in the main menu. But unlike 7.9, you can no longer choose to import into a certain folder. It just keeps the structure it had, which can be annoying.

Well that’s embarrassing, I didn’t even think to look there :sweat_smile:

Had the same experience, until a colleage told me.

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