Import Python Library from RingCentral

I’m trying to import a library to Ignition. It seems like the library is in, i restarted the gateway to be safe. However when I go to use it i cannot. The library is used to help make API calls as i was having trouble authorizing myself for standard calls. I’m wondering if this library doesnt meet the standards of 1. The library or module is not written in C and is not dependent on C / C-Python features
2. The library is Python 2.5 compatible (*as of Ignition 7.8, Ignition uses Jython 2.5)
More info on the library can be found here.GitHub - ringcentral/ringcentral-python: RingCentral Connect Platform Python SDK

Did you install the dependencies listed in their docs?

One of ringcentral’s dependencies is PubNub. One of PubNub’s dependencies is pycrptodome, which has c libraries.

It’s a bit of a rabbit hole to figure out sometimes.


Ah man. That’s too bad! have you had any experience with integrating api calls out to ring central in ignition?

I downloaded the source code for them and included them in the same library/folder i put the ringCentral library in.