Import SVG and use elements in the picture

I’m trying to understand how to import a SVG image and use the elements to change color.

When I drag the svg image in to Perspective. The Image management pops up and I can save the image. And use it in the design.

But I can’t see any elemnt list.

I tride to get the image from a local web server.

I found a forum post here that said I could use “Save and Link” or “Embed image” in the Image Management. But I cant find it in version 8.1

What am I doing wrong?

Use embed image and then you’ll be able to access the SVG elements to style them how you want. You don’t want it going into the image management as then it’s fixed as is (you could use tinting, but it’s super dodgy)

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It looks like you imported the SVG into the image management tool, and then used an image component to display it. The way I did it actually skips that step entirely.

You’ll want to drag the SVG from Windows Explorer directly into your view. You should then have the ‘Save and link’ and ‘Embed image’ options shown in my post. If you pick Embed image you should have access to the individual SVG elements.

For reference, ‘Save and link’ basically does what you’re seeing (and what my original post showed) - it inserts the image component which references the SVG file, rather than inserting a drawing component which lets you manipulate the SVG directly.


I did not see the “Embed image” the first time I drag it inn to the window from Explorer.

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I am having a similar issue, I embed the svg from windows explorer and I have 0 elements and the svg does not display anything. What do you recommend to troubleshoot next?

Looks like you have 1 element? Have you tried expanding it?

There isn’t anything when it is expanded

Maybe post the SVG?