Import tag greyed out and after restart gateway not starting

I was working with trial EDGE software now I have received a Panel PC with EDGE license installed. I am trying to transfer the project to this PC . I noticed that the Tags import is greyed out . How can I fix this ?

Also I have an error which says provider edge not found

[wrapper.log|attachment](upload://hC8iGW6kVi3LdZ7MyqqoTnpvLu8.log) (1.1 MB)

What Ignition version is this?
Can you select a different provider in this dropdown?

If so, can you go to Project → Properties in the menu bar and select a different provider? (May not be an option available to you on Edge depending on your version).

Is there any chance someone restored a gateway backup to this system, and checked the option to ‘restore disabled’?

I did a restore yesterday - maybe I did not pay attention and checked the option to restore disable - How can I get the gateway running now

Your best option is to get in contact with support, so they can take a look (there’s no guarantees that the issue is even the Edge provider being disabled).
A simple thing to try would be to simply restore the same backup again, taking care not to restore disabled. The only way to actually re-enable the Edge provider is currently locked away in a ‘dangerous’ configuration section, and requires running raw SQL against the internal database, which is why I hesitate to suggest it. Restoring again from the backup is much easier and safer.