Import Tags csv/xml/json in a custom OPC-UA like module

I want to be able to import tags, not from the designer, but when a new device is created. Device belongs to a custom module, an extension to opc-ua sdk example. Can you guide me to a direction that I should explore? I want something similar to having a more configuration in Modbus-TCP driver when there is a functionality to import/upload config.

You’ll want to study that part of the modbus driver code example. You have to switch to the Ignition 7.9 branch of the examples repository to find it, as it was deleted for v8.0. (Because it doesn’t implement the new Device model…) Anyways, start here:

Fair warning, Wicket is a maze of twisty passages, all alike. I’ve been banging my head on it the last few days for my Modbus Server module’s configuration UI. /:

Wicket is on the chopping block for 8.2… :grimacing:

You’re killing me. :frowning_face:

Every driver or module that has config/status pages (mine!) will break.

Everything everywhere by everyone will break hopelessly and need to be written from scratch in something that probably has a javascript toolchain full of horrors like react.

But on the plus side, gateway configuration on the filesystem…

Module authors can already put config on the filesystem. Breakage for breakage’s sake is not wise when other new tech is sucking down resources. IMNSHO.

Moving away from Wicket and storing config on the filesystem are not actually related to each other. Either one could happen independently of the other.

edit: scratch that, because it wouldn’t be that easy… we’d have to fake out the whole ORM system to keep Wicket config pages but move files to the filesystem.

Anyway sorry I didn’t mean to derail this topic.

Well, I did fake PersistentRecord subclasses for the Ethernet/IP driver. Ugly but quick. This time I’m doing the config page with just a properly modeled POJO and only the barest connection to the ORM.

Heh. Not too far off topic. I hope we haven’t totally discouraged you, @pabaribrinda.

Pardon my limited understanding of the discussion. I am a beginner with ignition project :slight_smile:

Thank you @pturmel for the insights. I am looking into modbus driver code as an example which uses wicket.
Basically, I am upgrading a custom module from 7.5 to make it cohesive with the latest ignition v8.1. So I am a little concerned with wicket being knocked-off in 8.2 as mentioned by @Kevin.Herron, if I were to use it.

Can you suggest a likely alternative that could also be compatible with future releases? Otherwise I would be pulling my hair over this again :laughing:

Thank you for the replies.

I don’t know for sure that it will happen or what technology it will use. A safe bet would be react. It may be possible to build this page in react on top of the wicket/react panel we have available somewhere but there’s no example of how you might do this and I’m not really sure how it works either.

Ignition 8.2 isn’t coming before late 2022 at best, so it’s probably not worth worrying too much about it.