Import templates into windows

is there any possibility to import templates into windows?
I have generated a template with parameters and now I want to use this template many times (>100) with different tags in one window.
If I do this manually this would need a lot of time. So I’d like to edit a list e.g. in Excel, import the templates on the left hand site of the window an place them manually to the right position.
Thanks in advance.

Yes you can
Just use some indirection by creating some custom properties on your template to identify the instance.
Drag the template onto the window and set the property on the template to whatever instance you are going to reference.

Take a look at the Template Repeater. Although I don’t this this became available until 7.7

Yes, and take a look at the Template Canvas: … at-runtime

Thanks for your replies but this is not what I need.
I want to import a large number of templates (with different tags connected to the custom properties) into e.g. the Root Container and move them manually in the window.

Set the “Drop Target” property of the template with the corresponding UDT. Then, in the Tag Browser, select all the instances of the UDTs that you want to use (using CTRL+left click) and drag and drop to window.

These create a template instance with the parameter binding to the instance that you drag.