Importing 2D CAD floor plans into Ignition Designer

I have an e-drawing in .edrw format that i want to import into the designer as a floor plan. I would like to drop the drawing into a vision window, as a background for machine sensors that I will eventually add. How can i do this?
I figured I could possibly covert the drawing to an .SVG and then import that into ignition, but im having trouble with that too. Any input would be great, thanks!

There are many free online convert tools. Since you just want as a background you may find PNG to be the best, however, these converters usually allow many formats.

I did a very similar project. Using a program like Snagit. you can capture the the layout and make the background transparent. This will allow you to set it as a background making it look almost as it is floating. just set it to the back as you overlay the objects.