Importing 8.1 Demo Project

I just added the Vision demo from the exchange. I added the application and ran it. When I connected to it via the client the images aren’t showing up. Do I need to import the images directory somehow?Screenshot

Yes, if you only imported a project you will need to import the image library as well.

Might be easiest to just restore the gateway, I believe they have the demo gateway backway available.

I downloaded the “Ignition 8.1 demo projects 3.0.0” zip file from the exchange. I unzipped then I imported (project), (project), and the (project) in designer (Screenshot). I then opened the vision client launcher and pointed it to my application gateway (localhost).

How do I restore a gateway as opposed to a project? Is there any way to import the image directory into the projects?

Nevermind, I figured out how to restore the gateway. Thanks.

For future reference, if needed…

Of course, you will need the images to import.

So, I restored the gateway and this of course blew out my existing gateway (I backed it up). But the trial expired. I found the username/password to the demo gateway but I’m not getting a prompt to enter it to then reset the trial.

How can I either:

  1. Restore my old gateway (without being able to get into the gateway first)

  2. Get a prompt to input username/password?

Here is a Screenshot

Press launch gateway to get you to the gateway launch pad.

If you want to restore a gatewua backup without the website, you can use the gwcmd utility Gateway Command-line Utility - gwcmd - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

I pressed “Launch Gateway” and I just got a new tab of the same page.

I just reinstalled Ignition and am back running.