Importing a 7.9.13 project into 7.9.4

Due to a miscommunication, we developed a small project using 7.9.13 but the customer has 7.9.4.
There is nothing outside of your basic HMI PB’s, display and scripts to open pop up windows.
Can the .13 project be imported into the .4 Gateway?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Not easily, and possibly not at all. If you look at the project export in a text editor, you’ll see version information there. You can fudge that and try to import it, but don’t do it on a production system–very bad things can happen, including completely crashing your gateway.

It is almost certainly not going to work going straight from .13 to .4. Consider setting up VMs to go backwards one version at a time, re-exporting at each successful step. If you get stuck a particular version, share here.

{ This is very much an unsupported task… }

Thank you for the quick reply. Perhaps it would be best to upgrade the customer to 7.9.14 rather than try to reverse force fit .13lbs into a .4lbs sack?


That would sound more of a wise choice to me, just be aware there is a current bug with templates in 7.9.14

Thank you for the feedback.

I took the .13 project in designer and exported these groups separately:

  • User Defined Tag Types
  • Project Tag Folder
  • Project Screens
  • Project Templates
    Then imported each group into the .4 project.
    The only header tweak required was to the Project Templates.
    I’m testing the results of this now on a separate (.4) Gateway and everything appears to be functioning as expected.

Testing continues…

Thank you again for you comments.

Come again? What’s the bug? We’re just about to upgrade a customer to this version…

I only read about it didn’t experience it so was a few words short apparently

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Ah right, the Template Canvas regression. Phew! This isn’t being used in my project :slight_smile: