Importing a project

Hello,I am trying to import a project in a Mac laptop, but when the project is ready, appears empty in ignition, but if I search the .zip, I can see that it has everything.

Where are you importing the project (designer, designer launcher, gateway) and what Version are you importing on?

If you have only tried importing in the Designer, I would recommend trying the Gateway Webpage (and vice versa, if you only tried in the Gateway, also try in the designer).

It may also be worthwhile to contact our support department and potentially share that project export with them: Support Home Page | Inductive Automation

Version 8.1 and from designer, I tried from the webpage but did not work

Are both Gateways the same version with identical modules? This includes the minor release version, for example the current release is 8.1.14.

Also be sure to note any error messages you may be receiving, you will want to check the Gateway logs and Wrapper logs when you import the project. If there are any consistent errors we would want to see those.

I see, the other PC has 8.1.11 ignition platform and I have 8.1.14

The modules are different to

I am assuming you are exporting the project from the 8.1.11 PC and then importing the project into a Mac running 8.1.14. I am also assuming you are not using Ignition Edge.

I would recommend reconciling any different modules if possible and see if any errors are present in the logs.

It will work if I install ignition edge?
IN logs are errors about the database that is failed

And yes, you are assuming great, that happened.

No. Ignition Edge is a lightweight version of Ignition and we don’t typically recommend importing Full Ignition projects into Edge - I wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case.

You can post the error messages and stack trace here, but this level of troubleshooting is best handled over a call with our support department.

Okey but for now, I won’t result if the versions are different, right ?

A project exported from an older version can be imported into a newer version (backwards compatibility). A project from a newer version cannot be imported to an older version; but the failure in that case is usually pretty clear.

Thank you so much, let me try something

I tried to call at the phone that is in the support home page but did not works, I am trying to call from México and I installed the same version of ignition but did not work

1-916-456-1045 should be the international number to use. You could also email in to the support department and they can walk through things with you.