Importing and/or using Excel data in Ignition

I have some data out on a PC controlled process that I would like to get access to in ignition for everything from viewing recent test results to archiving results using a transaction This system is an MTS elastomeric test stand. This data is not available in any kind of database on the PC and it is proprietary in every way, except the excel file it adds a section to every time a part is tested. I can possibly map a network drive to the data file location so I can have real time read only access to the excel file. Is anyone aware of how to get this kind of data into ignition?

if it is csv it should be pretty easy. if it is in xls or xlsx maybe check out the modules on the store. I havent tried but they are supposed to have some kind of support for reading excel files.


I’ve used the PA Office Document Module (other modules are available) to read and write cells in Spreadsheet

Here the link

Thank you for the info, I’ll have to take a look at the marketplace application

The PA Office Document Module can be found here now:



I’m testing PA Office Document Module with Ignition8.
Using example: Loading A Microsoft Excel XLSX File Into A Power Table

It returns a dataset with column index repeated for every cell after 2nd row 2nd column, like this:

Can’t realise how to solve this bug. Any suggestions?