Importing/Exporting OPC UA Devices Only In The Gateway

Ignition v8.1
For some background - there are 2 integrators working on this project. The company I work for has been tasked with creating all the device connections in the OPC UA section of the gateway. So far there will be close to 100 connections, most being MODBUS/TCP. The other company has developed the designer part and have created a tool within the client that modifies the tags to change from memory to opc tags by importing an excel spreadsheet. I have all the spreadsheets complete and ready for them. However, the gateway that I am working off of is no good anymore and I will have to eventually get all these devices in the gateway that I have created into the final gateway that the other company is working on. Is there a convenient way of doing this? Or will I have to re-type every device name, description, and I.P. address back in and import the addresses for the MODBUS/TCP tags?

You can use a script to create devices. But you cannot configure those devices to have mappings.

The only operation that carries complete device configurations is a gateway backup. Maybe having the other company export all their projects and tags and importing into your config would make sense.

Consider also never using Modbus mappings. You can create OPC tags in Ignition without needing mappings.

Note you can’t set the description fields… I’ve been meaning to try creating these by running a query on the config.db. You should so be able to port the mapping across this way as well
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As a precaution, you can screw up your igntion gateway by playing with the config.db if you don’t know what you’re doing, so steer clear if you don’t know SQL!