Importing Fonts

Hey all,
I was wondering if i could get some assistance on the process of importing a new font style for the ignition environment (Particularly the gateway). I am trying to import Codec pro

-i have tried to place the font file in the data/modules/com.inductiveautomation.perspective/fonts
(Something different from the other font files is that there have an extension of WOFF, while the font im trying to import has an extension of TTF)

-i have also added a new test themes, using the light file as a reference

  • The only change i made was to the the fonts fonts.css. I added the path with the codec font

You can’t add new fonts to the rest of the gateway; only Perspective supports self-hosted fonts like this.

Within Perspective, the font name generally has to be parsed in a particular way to be picked up. Try renaming the .ttf file to CodecPro-Light.ttf.

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