Importing Named Queries issue

I imported several Named Queries from another Project.
They show up as a choice when I use the Report Module yet I do not see the listed under Named Queries.
I can see them to export them and if I try to import them again I get a warning that they exist.
I need to edit them, how do I find/access them?

Does File | Update Project fix it?
Alternately try exiting out and reopening the project.

I have tried both and neither worked.


I’m having the same issue, following this

If you export just the missing named queries and imported them into a new project does the same occur? If so I’d like to take a look at an export where this is occurring, also it’d be nice to know what version of Ignition you are seeing this in.

The issue for me was that the queries were from a new version of Ignition.
The older version handles the way the named queries different then the newer version.
With some help from tech support I was able to open the queries and copy them over to new queries in the old version.
Hope this helps.


That makes sense. Beginning in 8.1.6, named queries are serialized to a human readable format on disk. Because of this, any named queries created or edited in this version or later are not backwards compatible with older gateways.