Importing Siemens Tags

Im using ignition 8.1.0, is there a way to import Siemens tags and not have to type in the absolute address in the tag manager?

According to the manual the Siemens driver does not support tag browsing, so the easy way is not an option.
If you can export your PLC tags to something like CSV you can manipulate that data into an ignition compatible CSV, XML, or JSON format then import.

Unfortunately there is no easy option.

… unless … you are using an S7-1500 or newer S7-1200 and can use the onboard OPC UA server and make an OPC UA connection to it instead of using the Siemens driver. Then you get browsing, symbolic names, can use optimized blocks, etc…

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I have my tags exported in a csv file. can you tell me the way of giving that route a shot?

There are several options available. In 7.9 import and export .csv was straight forward, you cant import export alarms with csv though. You can still import a csv in 8.1 but you have to use the format from 7.9.

You can also use Exporting and Importing a CSV - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation and go through your csv and create tags via scripting.

I confess i still use the 7.9 format csv to import tags, for my purposes its just the easiest way to go about it.