Importing UDT's from v7.9.9 - possible bug?

I just imported all my UDT definitions from a v7.9.9 project. When creating instances, none of the instance tag members would connect to the OPC tag. I edited the definition to manually add in another element (which was actually a duplicate of an existing, non-working element), and it worked. It took me a while playing “spot the difference” between the working tag and the non-working tag, but eventually I noticed that the OPC Server parameter on the working tags was “Ignition OPC UA Server” while the OPC server parameter on the non-working tags was “Ignition OPC-UA Server”.

I exported, did a find and replace, and imported and I’m away, but I wondered if this is a bug or if I caused this behaviour somehow? As far as I know, I’ve never changed any names like that from default.

The default name for the OPC UA connection on a fresh install was intentionally changed.

If you had done an upgrade rather than an install + tag import there wouldn’t have been any problem.

Why? For what reason?

For consistency. Many, many small inconsistencies have been fixed for 8.0 when they may not have otherwise been in a minor point release. You can find/replace the server name in your exports if you must.

Again, not an issue on upgrade, just new systems. You’ll also find the UA endpoint URL has changed, the default port has changed, and the server only binds to localhost “out of the box”.


Thanks, good trick to know about.

In my case, I’m not upgrading an existing system but rather creating a new system, and just wanting to import some data structures from a previous project to save reinventing the wheel. I guess I could have done a backup/restore on the whole application, performed the upgrade, then exported and imported to a new project, but at that point a find an replace is less effort