Importing Users From an Identity Provider


I am building an application for a client who requires third party (Okta) identification. The client wishes to be able to add/delete users via their Okta account and have it propagate to Ignition. Is there a way to import Okta users and have them as a User Source within Ignition?

Thank you.

you have to use SAML or Open Connect

Put another way - you shouldn't "import" users into Ignition. User sources are a 'legacy' concept and not really needed. If you've already got an external identity provider you want to use for should just use for authentication.

This is true - however I need to assign certain roles/access based on the user coming from Okta. Is this possible?

You would configure an attribute mapping that extracted user roles from attribute data returned by the IdP: User Attribute Mapping - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation