Importing XML Tags loses Permissions data

When importing tags via XML the changes to the “Permissions” aren’t passed through.

below is the unedited export from Ignition which does not change the Permissions appropriately on import.

2 _AO

the UDT has a different set of Permissions which should be changed based on the above import.

I am unable to replicate this behavior. Which version of Ignition are you running? Did you have the access rights set to override the UDT when you exported this tag? If not, it will adapt to the settings of the parent UDT. Is it possible that that’s what’s happening? It also appears that you are missing the section that should look like the following:


Do you have the access rights set to custom when you configure permissions?

I am on version 7.7.5

The UDT has the access rights set to custom, but to be sure I also appended that line to see if it would make a difference and it does not.

The above code was a direct copy of the export from Ignition after changing the Permissions in the Designer.
If I export it as a csv instead of xml then it works fine and changes the Permissions accordingly upon import.

When you say append, does that mean you put that AccessRights line at the end? If so, could you try adding it after the DataType line? Could you re-export and attach the XML?