Impossible to read Modicon bit after update to 7.3.1?

I had created several bit reads and that works fine until the update to version 7.3.1

Before the update the “OPC item path” looks like this: [PLC22]L401203.6, after the update the “OPC item path” must be now like this : [PLC22]22.L401203.6 So I fix several tags so that it will work for the new version.
The value of a normal (not bitwise) holding register will be read perfect in the new version.
But reading a bit will not work. When I check the Tag Diagnostics I get the message “Unknown”.
After a few days when I check again with tag Diagnostics then is the message; “Stale”.

I use Modbus Driver v2 2.3.1 (b159)

Is there is something changed with the bit reading in this new version ?

Nothing should have changed…

What version did you upgrade from? 7.3.0 or something from the 7.2.x line?

You might also go to the Levels tab, search for a logger named “XOPCAddressSpace”, and turn the level to DEBUG.

Then if you could post your log.bin.gz file here I could take a look.

Ok, don’t worry about any of what I previously said. I was able to reproduce this.

…and fix it. It will be available Monday with the rest of the next 7.3.2 beta.

I make an update from version 7.2.7

In the log file you can see that I have not yet update all the tags to the new form [PLC22]22.V…

I have do fix several tags, but a moment I notice that bits would n 't be read , so I stop the fixing temporarily.

Thanks Kevin.
logs.bin.gz (339 KB)

Hello Kevin,

I see you have already fix the problem.
I have aborted the upload from the log-file.

Tomorrow I try the new version.

Thanks a lot.

The beta build including the fixed Modbus-v2 module is available here.

Thank you very much Kevin,
reading the bits works now again fine.

Super. :thumb_right: