Improve SQLTags Value Column Double-Click Behavior

Present behavior:
-When a SQLTag Value is not selected and you double-click on it to enter/edit the value in the Designer, the cursor is inserted to the left of the value of numbers (or where the double-click occurred, in the case of strings).
-If the value is selected–but has not been double-clicked, the behavior is the same.
-If, after double-clicking the value so it is editable, you double-click it again, the whole value is selected.

This means that to select a value and replace it, before typing you have to either:

  1. Double-click the value twice (two double-clicks)
  2. Double-click the value, and then click and drag to select it
  3. Click OR double-click the value, type in the new value, and the press delete until the old value to the right is removed.
    All of the options seem a little obtuse and unnecessarily lengthy. I may be missing something, but they also all feel rather non-standard to me.

Desired behavior:
Double-click on a value in SQLTags browser should select the entire value (so typing anything after double-click would replace the current value).

[color=#008000]Ignition 7.6.3 (b2013090513) | 64-bit[/color]

This is still the case in
[color=#008000]Ignition 7.6.4 (b2013112117) | 64-bit[/color]

Can we get this changed to a more standard selection scheme? Perhaps:

  1. Double-click to select value, typing replaces value
  2. Double-click followed by single click to place cursor somewhere within value and insert typed value into it

Or, with less clicks:

  1. Single click and type to insert into value at clicked point
  2. Double-click and type to select and replace entire value

I would be happy with either of the above–and happier with the latter :slight_smile:

Either one is also reasonably standard behaviour.

Totally agree. It is non-standard and time-consuming as it currently is.

Good point. I’ll see what can be done.

Thank you Carl! It would be really great if selection behaviour was the same in all Designer fields. There are variations right now that take some time to get used to.

+1. This is one of the many minor annoyances that irks me when using the designer.

+1 For this too. I think that this strange behavior is not only present in the Designer but also in the runtime project.