Improved iPad keyboard interface for mobile Ignition

I am currently developing an interface using the mobile module and an iPad device. I really like how well the system works on the iPad but the current method for using the keyboard interface is an unrealistic option for the production floor where a username and password signature is required constantly. I was wondering if there was any progress on calling the iPad keyboard when a textbox is clicked. Also I was wondering about scaling the internal touch screen keyboard which can be called. In its current form its to tiny to use when called.

There has been no substantive progress on this. The main problem is that there is a technological barrier for the mobile module, as a pure webpage based app, to tell the iOS browser “hey - now its time to pop up a keyboard”. We can’t even fake it out by putting an input element on the page and using javascript to focus it - it simply ignores our best efforts. Unless your finger puts the focus in an input box, you don’t get a keyboard. Trust me, this is very frustrating for us as well.

I think we may have to resort to writing a native iOS app that wraps up a browser element so we have some more capabilities. No concrete plans in that direction as of yet however.

What about getting the internal touchscreen keyboard to scale in size if you increase the font size of the keys?

Yeah that would be worth looking into. I should mention here that this isn’t an issue for Android devices. On an Android device you can press-and-hold the menu key to get the phone’s keyboard to show up.

Yes android tablets though are currently weak. Maybe the Xoom but the price seems a little high relative to the iPad. After playing around more with the touch screen keyboard I think if it would scale and be movable(it pops up partially out of screen on the iPad) its a strong solution.

Any update on iPad keyboard improvement? With the new iPad coming out I would really like to use the iPad for deployement in my system but the current keyboard setup is preventing it.

When there is an update, I’ll post here.

Any update about the mobile keyboard?
Actually we try to find something to input chinese from mobile client, is that possible?

Seems that there has not been any update about the keyboard. And speaking of tablets, which do you it’s more cost-effective, iPad or Android tablets? I myself prefer the iPad. Though there are many brands to choose from Android, Apple also offers many different iPad generations and models.