Improvement: show custom methods the same way as extension functions in component scripting

When an extension function is used, it’s shown in blue + bold.
It would be nice if it was also the case for custom methods:


What do you mean by “used” ? Extension functions are called by the component, not by other python code. They are bolded when you’ve provided code for them to use. Custom methods, on the other hand, only exist in the list if you’ve deliberately created them and put code in them. They are never called by the component, only by the scripts you write yourself. What exactly do you want to trigger the bold display? (Note, there’s no call graph technology anywhere in jython.)

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Yes you’re right.
In my opinion they should always be in the bold display when they are created. This would simply mean they exist and in this way they will better “attract the eye”.

Ah. Not a bad idea. Bold would mean “there’s code here”. Something for the ideas portal.

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